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  • 名稱: SH連續式鉛擠壓機
  • 編號: d01
  • 時間: 2016-08-17
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To meet the development requirements of wire and cable and related industries, Chengdu Shuhong designed the Continuous Lead Extruding Line innovatively on the based of absorbing the international advanced technology. This line is dedicated to continuous extrusion of industrial pure lead or lead alloys, products are mainly used for coated lead sheath of wire and cable and rubber tube lead sheath sulfurization.



This line is composed of Molten lead holding furnace, Extruder, cooling system, Circulating water cooling system, Lubricating system, flow controller, Ω lead pipe, Take-up and pay off stand, and electrical control system, etc.

Features of this line:
1. Working under constant temperature, constant speed, constant pressure, the lead continuous coated thickness can be uniformity and adjustable, high production efficiency and low production cost. 
2. The lead melting &holding furnace and the lead conveyer adopts sealing system 
3. All-digital import temperature displayer and controller  




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